Divita Impianti s.n. is enabled to install, modify, extend and maintain the plants as follows:

1.  letter A

For the production systems , transport, distribution and use of electricity in buildings from the point of delivery of the energy supplied by the distributor.

2.   letter B

For broadcasting systems and electronic, antennas and lightning protection systems

3.   letter C

For heating and air conditioning actuated by fluid liquid, gaseous and of any nature or species.

4.   letter D

For sanitary systems as well as those of transport, handling, use, storage and consumption of water within the buildings from the point of delivery of the water supplied by the distributor.

5.   letter E

For installations for the transport and the utilization of gas to the liquid state or gaseous inside of buildings from the point of delivery of the gaseous fuel supplied by the distributor.

6.   letter G

For fire protection systems.

Divita Impianti s.n.c. is certified for the design of civil and industrial electrical systems.

Divita Impianti s.n.c has received in 2008 the quality certificate ISO 9001.