Divita Impianti s.n.c. manufactures air conditioning systems based on high-quality products of leading companies in the industry. Divita Impianti s.n.c. performs the following types of systems:

Direct expansion systems

Monosplit Residential

Compact, lightweight and stylish, the air conditioners of commercial line are easy to install and fit harmoniously into any environment. The series of commercial air conditioners offers a wide range of models of different types and ability to customize the air conditioning system according to the needs of the end user. Monosplit Smart Inverter: Serie K          Serie Y          Serie DLX plus          Serie P   Monosplit ON/OFF: Serie T  

Residential Multisplit

The multi-split systems S-Inverter Samsung for combined freely to a single outdoor unit to 5 indoor units of different types and power. The wide range of indoor units with elegant lines and discreet garantisceun'ampia versatility of applications in residential and commercial. The twin rotary compressor and DC Inverter technology ensures excellent performance, high efficiency and comfort. The compact external unit, automatic identification of the indoor units and the absence of distributors, facilitate the operations of installation. Indoor units: Parete Serie Y          Parete Serie DLX          Parete Serie P   Console                       Cassetta a 4 vie mini         Canalizzabile slim   Canalizzabile msp         Cassetta 1 via slip    Outdoor units: (For 2 Indoor units)      RJ040F2HXEA             RJ050F2HXEA             (For 3 Indoor units)      RJ052F3HXEA              RJ060F3HXEA   (For 4 Indoor units)      RJ070F3HXEA              RJ080F3HXEA   (For 5 Indoor units)      RJ100F5HXEA    

Digital Variable Multi (DVM)

The air conditioning system DVM (Digital Variable Multi) is a system with variable flow of refrigerant can handle, with one outdoor unit, up to 60 indoor units. This type of system is a new generation of modular systems for air conditioning, high-performance and can be installed in various environments including offices, hotels, shops, etc.. Thanks to its versatility and ease of installation and inspection, the DVM system fully meets the needs of the market for air conditioning. Indoor units: The stylish Samsung design and the wide range of indoor units offer the best choice for any environment with the least impact architectural and uniform air distribution within the premises. Outdoor units: Whether your requirement is to condition a store or a skyscraper: no problem. With the system DVM Plus IV will be able to guarantee a perfect level of comfort for every demand. Your peace of mind is represented by a system that provides the highest capacity and the highest coefficients of performance of the market.
                    The outdoor units of the system DVM Plus IV are available in two different versions: the heat pump and heat recovery (HR); is thus possible to adapt the system, at any season, the request for cooling, heating or both things simultaneously.
                  Compactness, ease of installation and maximum efficiency, Mini DVM is the perfect solution for air conditioning of light commercial and residential contexts of high level.

Impianti Idronici

A dropsy plant is a plant in which the product is both hot and cold always using water as heat transfer fluid, then the hydronic system uses water to transport the heat energy. We are talking about a simple technology, innovative and above all grows from the application point of view that allows today with very low operating costs to create in a comfortable, efficient and with a single system air-conditioning in summer and winter evenly distributed in all environments.

Here are some pictures of a plant developed by Divita Impianti s.n.c.